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We are experts in developing and building personalized systems and applications for the land industry, maritime industry, urban spaces, agriculture, and the aviation & space industry.


The system is intended for ground handling companies. This is the comprehensive technological platform for monitoring mobile elements of ground infrastructure at airports.


The system is dedicated to urban space for busses and trams. It increases safety in the city, reduces vehicle use, monitors runs in real time and detects defects in the road surface.


Multifunctional enclosures for the space and aviation industry. They are very durable in relation to their weight and parameters defining its mechanical resistance.

Time synchronisation modules

Devices enabling the reception and decoding of time synchronization frames in the official standard provided by the First Polish Radio Program. They are an alternative to synchronization from a satellite source.


The system for locating objects, vehicles and people inside buildings. It is dedicated primarily to production plants and industry. Check the possibilities offered by inside positioning.

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