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    Galileo Masters – Polish Edition

    "Galileo Masters" competition looks for innovative applications of GNSS.

  • H2020


    CaBilAvi - raise awareness in navigation procedures using GNSS in civil aviation within the European Union and beyond.

  • Amman, stolica Jordanii (2005) / Credit: David Bjorgen, CC-BY-SA 2.5 ESA

    SpaceForMed / WADI

    The aim of this study is the identification of opportunities to improve the water & sewage infrastructure as well as services related to water management in Jordan.

  • Baner 66. IAC / Credit: IAF Media

    Promoting IAF events

    Since 2013 Kosmonauta.net holds the media patronage of the events organised by the International Astronautical Federation.

  • Media


    Kosmonauta.net is the most active Polish website that covers spaceflight, space technologies, research and the space industry with special consideration given to Poland and Europe.

  • Polskie strony ESA - zrzut ekranu / Credit: ESA Media

    Polish language desk at ESA

    Since autumn 2013 our team has supported the media and communication department of the European Space Agency.

  • K. Kanawka przy stoiku JAXA na IAC 2014 / Credit: BDS sp. z o.o. B2B


    Our team is the only one from Poland to be present at IAC for the last five years.