The inaugural First International Conference on Innovative Research and Maritime Applications of Space Technology IRMAST 2015 organized jointly by the Polish Space Agency and Gdansk University of Technology will be held in Gdansk from Thursday April  23rd through Friday April 24th. The conference, organized two years after Poland’s accession  to the European Space Agency, will be the first major scientific event under the auspices of the recently established Polish Space Agency POLSA.

The conference will constitute a forum for scientists, engineers, activists and governmental agencies as well as public and industrial organizations for exchanging ideas and advances, summarizing state-of-the-art, and presenting the latest developments concerning applications of space technology.

Space Technology has become currently the driving force behind the advance of information societies and knowledge-based economies all over the world. New scientific disciplines and new professions appear, new areas of industry develop, and interdisciplinary projects are undertaken. The European Space Agency is in the focal point of these activities, while the European Union provides strong financial support for the development of space technologies and applications in its two flagship programs COPERNICUS, GALILEO; but also in HORIZON 2020.

The technical program of the conference will cover standard Space Technology topics

including: Methods of Spatial Data Analysis, Remote Sensing Technology, Satellite Missions, Satellite Sensors, UAV and Airborne Platforms, Satellite Navigation, Satellite Communications Systems, Ground Systems & Networks, Mobile Applications, Small Satellite Technology.

Special attention will be dedicated to Maritime Applications of Space Technology due to the conference’s geographical location in Pomeranian Province with its complex urban, industrial, and maritime infrastructure and transportation systems on the crossroads of important routes in Europe on the Southern coast of the Baltic Sea.

The conference will be held at the Gdansk University of Technology GUT, which is the largest technical university in Northern Poland, comprising over 27,000 students and 1,300 academic staff. The University is widely recognized internationally, and just ended the celebrations of the 110th anniversary of its foundation. The conference venue is the new building of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Informatics of GUT, which is the first fully-intelligent building at the University. In the course of the conference the Round Table Session of the representatives of regional entities will be held to discuss and stimulate further development of space industry and technology in the Pomeranian Region.