Meet Flamingo

IoT for city traffic

Reduces costs

Flamingo will help you save money! Reduce the cost of repairing vehicles and surfaces! 

Minimizes collisions

Precise pointing of places where accidents or various situations have occurred.

Improves security

Real-time tracking with precision better than 1 meter. No more problems with narrow roads, and tight turns!

Why Flamingo?

Buses and trams operate in difficult and diversified conditions. Traditional “GPS systems” often fail in cities because their precision is not good enough. Our IoT system can monitor position in real-time with precision better than 1 meter. The results are displayed in a webclient, which also provides analytics. In addition, our device collects data from other sensors – the system will detect very narrow passages, new defects on roads and tracks.

Increase reliability of your fleet with Flamingo!

  • Increase safety in the city
  • Minimize the risk of road collisions
  • Reduce their costs related to repairs
  • Up-to-date maps of newly identified damages on the road

Flamingo is an advanced positioning system for your buses and trams

Test our IoT system for city traffic. Increase safety and knowledge about your fleet!

How does it work?

The FLAMINGO aimed at providing comprehensive tracking and data analysis of public transportation vehicles in urban areas. The main feature of FLAMINGO is its capability to provide positioning better than 50 cm. The project has been devised as a means of bridging the mass market of multitude IoT and cell phone platforms with the new generation, highly accurate, dual frequency GNSS receivers capable of submitting raw measurements to push the navigation accuracy for small devices.

Time to act – use IoT technology

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