Blue Dot Solutions offers consulting services in the space industry based on the unique expertise of our team. The services we offer are mostly oriented towards projects of the European Space Agency (ESA), the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme (ICT, Space, Security, Urban Development, Energy) as well as partner search for commercial activities. Blue Dot Solutions also offers support on commercial analyses, market entry or export strategies for companies based in Poland and abroad.

Our services are possible due to the thorough understanding of the European and Central European space sector characteristics, its niches and development trends. Our knowledge, experience and established networks are used to create information bridges between new and more experienced players in the space industry whether in Poland or abroad.

The potential client groups are as follows:

  • Polish entities in the space industry,
  • Entities from different industry branches interested in the space industry,
  • Foreign companies entering Poland and looking for partners and new markets.