TILQ (Temperature Indexes of Life Quality) is an application which monitors urban areas for temperature changes which may affect the health of population. These registered anomalies are often associated with “Urban Heat Islands” (UHIs), regions within a city, where temperatures are much higher than surroundings. In summer, during Heat Waves, the air temperature can exceed +40 or even +50 C, and it can create dangerous conditions to general population.

Currently the project is at an early stage of a prototype. The application can  developed to perform LST (land surface temperature) calculations, which is the first step in data analysis. The work now focuses on a mathematical and algorithmic elements required for correlation between LST and air temperature with relevant medical data.

TILQ is one of 40 applications scientifically (without funding) supported by European Commission under the “Copernicus Accelerator”.

TILQ-AP Final Report PDF file.

ongoing (since 2017)

Project implemented for the European Space Agency

Adam Piech