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    TILQ (Temperature Indexes of Life Quality)

    TILQ (Temperature Indexes of Life Quality) is an application which monitors urban areas for temperature changes which may affect the health of population. These registered anomalies are often associated with “Urban Heat Islands” (UHIs), regions within a city, where temperatures are much higher than surroundings. In summer, during Heat Waves,

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    Galileo Masters – Polish Edition

    "Galileo Masters" competition looks for innovative applications of GNSS.

  • H2020


    CaBilAvi - raise awareness in navigation procedures using GNSS in civil aviation within the European Union and beyond.

  • Amman, stolica Jordanii (2005) / Credit: David Bjorgen, CC-BY-SA 2.5 ESA

    SpaceForMed / WADI

    The aim of this study is the identification of opportunities to improve the water & sewage infrastructure as well as services related to water management in Jordan.

  • Baner 66. IAC / Credit: IAF pll_54eca60ed9dae

    Promoting IAF events

    Since 2013 Kosmonauta.net holds the media patronage of the events organised by the International Astronautical Federation.

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    Kosmonauta.net is the most active Polish website that covers spaceflight, space technologies, research and the space industry with special consideration given to Poland and Europe.

  • Polskie strony ESA - zrzut ekranu / Credit: ESA ESA

    Polish language desk at ESA

    Since autumn 2013 our team has supported the media and communication department of the European Space Agency.

  • K. Kanawka przy stoiku JAXA na IAC 2014 / Credit: BDS sp. z o.o. B2B


    Our team is the only one from Poland to be present at IAC for the last five years.